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Human nature was essentially good Which Chinese philosopher proposed that only a strong social discipline would bring society into order?

True What term the Aryans use to refer to social classes? Assyrian Who founded the Achaemenid empire? Olmecs Who were the earliest heirs of the Olmecs?

Hammurabi For what is Hammurabi is best known?

World Civ quiz 1-3

Medes and Persians Which of the following was not a major Persian dynasty? Zero Where was the Pyramid of the Sun located? Alexander the Great Why was the Parthian rule significant? Zhou Why is the mandate of heaven important? Harrappan One of the two main cities of Harappan society Who were the Aryans?

Laozi Which political philosophy called for clear and strict laws? All of the above What people did Darius allow to return to their capital city and rebuild their temple?

Olmec The Austronesian-speaking peoples became the first human settlers on which large island off the east African coast? False external invaders who helped bring about the end of the Egyptian Middle Kingdom Which statement describes the cult of Amon-Re?

Madagascar Which statement accurately describes the Lapita people? Analects What did Confucius believe about political and social harmony? False Whose tomb contained thousands of terra-cotta soldiers? Where does the most of our information about the early Aryans come from?

Phoenicians True of False The Hebrew religion began a religious tradition that revolutionized the world that followed it. Yahweh The area of the first great civilizations received enough rainfall for growing grain and to feed grazing animals.

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Osiris Which tribes began to spread their language and agricultural techniques throughout Africa as early as B. Hebrews What does the word Mesopotamia mean? Epic of Gilgamesh The Babylonians eventually fell in B. True What is Sumerian writing called?

True Whose conquests helped Chandragupta Maurya establish the first Indian empire? Hindu tradition and Buddhist practices True of False Horses and silk are two of the luxury goods India produced?

Varnas True of False The caste system led to much social instability.Free gamified quizzes on every subject that students play in class and at home.

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Study World Civ Quiz #3 flashcards from Rachel M. on StudyBlue. The discovery of how to smelt iron was a major turning point in the civilized development of every people. It led to the end of the _____ Age and the beginning of the _____ Age.

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World Civ quiz - World Civ Quizes. The area of the first great civilizations received enough rainfall for growing grain and to feed grazing animals.

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World civ quiz
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